REFAD Real Estate

Refad, a division of Al Qahtani Holding, is at the forefront of real estate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a team of in-house and outsourced professionals offering a fully integrated service from feasibility studies and land purchases to construction, maintenance, and facility management.

We identify opportunities to invest with a focus on the return of investment and long-term potential.

Our real estate portfolio continues to evolve with new projects complementing the Kingdom’s increasingly urban lifestyle. As well as the commercial and residential sectors, Refad has a presence in hospitality and leisure, shopping malls and retail.

We provide complete real estate consultancy and a development management program covering the following services and activities:

  • Qualified team of architects and engineers (international and local) and design management consultants;
  • Management of bidding processes and construction contract awards;
  • Management of legal and government procedures;
  • Market research and analysis;
  • Project programs and budgeting;
  • Project studies including comprehensive feasibility analysis;
  • Construction management and project management;
  • Marketing plans and sales management;
  • Financial management; and
  • Property management.

Refad’s showpiece projects include the Refad Business Park in Khobar City, Dammam Refrigeration Store, Dammam Shopping Centre and the Refad residential compound.

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