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Al Qahtani Holding is proud to reflect the ambitions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as we move confidently towards a modern future

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Al Qahtani Holding is one of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s largest industrial groups and has grown in pace with the country itself to become a fully diversified conglomerate with interests in sectors ranging from oil, gas and mining, to bottling/canning, beverage production, manufacting and real estate.

A modern and agile group of companies

Al Qahtani Beverages

Our beverage subsidiary, Al Qahtani Beverages, was established in 1982 and has grown to become in the southern region of the Kingdom... Read more

Consolidated Can Manufacturing

Al Qahtani Holding canning division, Consolidated Can Manufacturing (CCMC), reflects our diversity, supporting our own ventures as well... Read more

Jordan Ice & Aerated Water

Jordan Ice & Aerated Water has been the exclusive PepsiCo bottler in the Kingdom of Jordan since 1971. Today, it is operated as a joint... Read more

Central Mining Holding

Central Mining Holding is an investment arm of Al Qahtani Holding which seeks to develop, own and operate major mineral extraction facilities... Read more


Cement Service Industries Co. (CemServ) manufactures high-quality specialised components for bulk material handling industries such as... Read more

Al Qahtani Maritime

Al Qahtani already had a strong onshore presence when we diversified offshore in with Alqahtani Maritime, an alliance with major... Read more

Saudi Comedat

Founded in 2007, we are are Saudi Arabia’s largest full-service company offering solutions to the mining and quarrying industries... Read more


Established in 1974 by a team of engineers, SledgeHammer has a global presence with a reputation for the largest producer and... Read more


REFAD, the Real Estate Investment and Development arm of Abdulhadi Al-Qahtani Holding (AQH).... Read more

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