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Focused on economic growth and sustainable practices

Al Qahtani Holding is one of the largest industrial conglomerates in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with unique and specialized characteristics that put it at the forefront of the country’s industrial development and growth, Al Qatani Holding is also perfectly positioned as one of the leading companies for the Kingdom’s international entrepreneurial ambitions.

Our vision

AQH strives to be a professionally managed family business that seeks sustainable growth and profitability while creating value and opportunity for our many partners and customers through continual modernisation, expansion and innovative high quality products and services.

The company seeks to take a leadership role in good governance as well as business and community relations.
We strive to be at the forefront of national development particularly the potential of our people.

Key values
  • Long-term planning;
  • Adaptivity and flexibility;
  • Entrepreneurial spirit;
  • Diversified portfolio; and
  • Sense of purpose, community and heritage.


Where we’re going

We seek to lock step with the nation’s ambitions to fully develop natural and human resources to guarantee the future for generations to come.

Our ambition is to ensure we retain the respect of our customers by delivering high-quality products and services, the trust of our vendors by being a valued business partner, and the loyalty of our employees for providing meaningful career opportunities.

Factors to our success

  • Strong values and heritage rooted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Modern, professional management with a young, energetic workforce
  • Diversified portfolio that can weather market trends and fluctuations
  • Adaptive and flexible with an emphasis on modernization and technology
  • Entreprenurial vision to capitalize on national and international opportunities

Living our values

Within Al Qahtani Holding we believe in giving back to the communities where we have a presence – both at local and national levels. We have created our own charitable projects and contribute to coordinated causes, providing financial backing, manpower and other resources to help build and improve our communities.

Al Qahtani Holding remains a family-owned enterprise
that holds true to the founder’s original vision of efficiency,
reliability and trust built on Saudi tradition, and has evolved to
become a professionally managed modern group of companies
that encapsulates the Kingdom’s vibrancy and ambition.

Abdulaziz Alqahtani | Chariman

Global ambition

Our innovative and entrepreneurial culture and passion for embracing the Saudi vision has taken Al Qahtani Holding across borders with a presence in Jordan. We continually seek international opportunities for our partners, employees and national growth.

Our history

Established in 1948 by the late Sheikh Abdulhadi Abdullah Al Qahtani. A man who strode forward with one mission in mind, to contribute to the growing economy of Saudi Arabia. Since inception, the group has expanded and diversified in to various sectors such as beverages production & distribustion, manufacturing, oil & gas, mining and real estate.