TIW Corporation

TIW Corporation Established in 1971 and an ISO 9001 certified company, TIW is one of the most experienced companies in the field of manufacturing oil field equipment’s. The company set the world record for the deepest horizontal completion at 15,357 feet.

TIW recently expanded its product line to include Expandable Liner Hanger range and Off-Bottom Liner Hangers. With its new product development, TIW has been successful taking more share of the market and become one of the TOP Liner hanger companies in Saudi Arabia and worldwide.

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ReedHycalog an NOV Company
‘Right bit in the right place at the right time’ a simple corporate philosophy that has built Hycalog’s reputation as quality performance for the right cost. Hycalog focuses primarily on the petroleum drilling industry providing drilling solutions. Research, development and quality has been instrumental in its past success as well as the cornerstones of its operation. Hycalog assures value both in products and services.

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